Would you invest millions of dollars in a program that only half your target audience will adopt, where the money ​will be spent on ineffective tactics​ and​ managed by randomly selected vendors who ​won't provide​ the performance analytics ​you'll need to calculate ROI?

You would have to be insane to say "yes" right? Well the reality is that Channel Marketing practices are so broken that Brands are doing just that.


In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How a lack of analytics leaves Brands investing in tactics they aren't sure are working
  • Why the growth of Marketing Vendors is driving up OpEx
  • Why Partners are not adopting Digital Marketing tactics
  • How complex processes keep about half of Partners from participating
  • Why Brands believe a large portion of the campaigns they fund are ineffective

Join SproutLoud's Vice President of Channel Marketing Sean Wisdom, as he interviews the company's President Gary Ritkes and Director of Digital Services Anne Ghaltchi about key statistics that reveal how broken traditional Channel Marketing is and why it needs to be replaced.

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