Five-Part Webinar Series

The Partner Marketing Playbook

Co-Op advertising, Brand compliance, managing approvals, assisting Partners — let's face it: Partner Marketing can be very complicated. You need a simple, easy-to-understand playbook that can help you simplify campaign execution, amplify the power of your marketing spend and accelerate local Partner sales. And you need the analytics to constantly evolve your Local Marketing strategy.

Join SproutLoud for a five-part webinar series called The Partner Marketing Playbook. In this webinar series, SproutLoud, the leading Channel Marketing Automation platform, will be joined by several of their integrated Marketing Service Providers to talk about the blocking and tackling imperatives of your national-to-local Partner Marketing strategy. In this series, we will cover:

  • How to help your Partners establish a local online presence to capture more leads, traffic and sales
  • How to get Partners to adopt modern marketing technology at the local level
  • How to help Partners build multi-tactic campaigns that align with the customer journey
  • How to increase Partner participation in Co-Op Advertising while saving your Brand time and money
  • Why analytics is crucial to measuring success

The Partner Marketing Playbook  |  Webinar series  

Part One: Establishing a Local Presence  

Part Two: Driving Demand 

Part Three: The Power of Multi-Tactic Campaigns

Part Four: The Ugly Truth About Co-Op Claims And Reimbursement

Part Five: Measuring Success

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