Webinar: Wednesday, March 22, 1 pm ET / 10 am PT

Modern Channel Marketing is revolutionizing the way Brands go to market with their Partners. From funding strategies to local marketing automation, Modern Channel Marketing leverages disruptive technology to drive down OpEx, improve buying power and get campaigns into market faster. But the biggest challenge for Brands is how to transform their existing Channel program into a Modern Channel Marketing program.

Upgrade your Channel program for 2017. Join our webinar series to learn how to strategically build a Modern Channel Marketing program. Webinars topics include:

  • February 15: 4 Steps to Improving Brand Compliance in Channel Marketing
  • February 22: The Vendor Hoard - 3 Strategies to Lower Opex and Improve Local Marketing
  • March 1: The Death of Claims and Reimbursement - 6 Steps to Transform Campaign Funding
  • March 8: Channel Partner Idol - 5 Steps to Making Your Partners Marketing Superstars
  • March 15: Win Local - 3 Ways Automation Eliminates Fraud and Improves ROI
  • March 22: The Insight Imperative - The Top 7 Ways Integrated Analytics Changes Channel Marketing

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